USA Hockey rules will apply with regard to penalties and general rules, with the following additions:

  • Although some physical contact is inevitable, there will be no checking in mite, squirt or peewee play.
  • There will be no fighting.
  • A fighting major (dropping the gloves) will result in expulsion from the remainder of the game.  Additional disciple may be handed down by the tournament director as deemed necessary.  Further discipline may range from ineligibility for additional games to expulsion from the remainder of the tournament.
  • There will be 2 minute warmups prior to game start.
  • Should a team at any point during the game fall behind by five goals, the clock will stop only when a goal is scored or a penalty is called.  This will continue until the deficit is cut to four.
  • In the event of a tie score at the end of regulation play, teams will proceed with a three player shootout.  If at the end of the shootout the score remains tied, the game will be scored as a tie.
  • In the event of a tie during playoff rounds, if time is available, there will be a five minute (running clock) four on four (sudden death) overtime period.  If no team scores, the game will proceed with a three player shootout. If after three shooters the game remains tied, the shootout (sudden death) will continue until a winner is determined.

Results of the first three games of round robin play will determine playoff seedings and individual awards. 
Teams will be awarded the following points:

  • Win (including shootout win) – Two Points
  • Tie – One Point
  • Shootout Loss – One Point
  • Loss – Zero Points

Tie Breakers for seedings:

  • Goals Against
  • Goals For
  • Fewest Ties
  • Coin Toss


Mites will play half-ice.
Mite games will consist of two (2) 25 minute running clock periods.
Following a goal, puck is to be taken out behind the net and play continues.
Mite intermission will be two minutes.

If a player takes a penalty, a penalty shot will be issued.


Squirts will play full ice for three (3) 12 minute periods, with 30 second intermission.

Minor penalties will be 90 seconds.



Bantams will play full ice with the first and second periods being 13 minutes, and the third period being 15 minutes. (13-13-15)

Intermissions will be 30 seconds.

One time out per team per game.

Minor penalties will be 120 seconds.

  • All teams are required to present a copy of their official roster that is issued by their respective sanctioning body, either USA Hockey or Hockey Canada. Please provide a copy of your official, certified roster to our on-site director at the site of your first game.
  • Only players included on your team's official roster may participate in the tournament. This is a requirement of our USA Hockey sanction so that all team's insurance will be in force. This rule also protects all teams from the possibility that players of a higher level would be added to any team. If you must add players to your roster due to injuries or other issues, these players must be formally added to your official roster by USA Hockey or Hockey Canada. Please contact your local associate registrar or your organization's registrar with questions on rules and procedures for adding players to your certified roster.
  •  Rosters will be frozen at check in before the first game is played.  There will be no additions to any roster after that point.  Any player participating in any game who is not listed as a primary or substitute player on a team’s roster will be ruled illegal.  Teams using an illegal player will forfeit all games in which the illegal player appeared.  The only exception to this rule is an injury to a goaltender.  The substitute goaltender must meet the team criteria with regard to age and skill level.
  • Age limits and skill levels will be strictly enforced.  All players must have a signed USA Hockey waiver on file.  Without it, the player will not skate. Waivers are available online.
  • Teams are required to provide team jerseys of matching color and matching or similar design.  Jerseys must have numbers (no duplicates) on the back.  Teams must either have home (dark) and away (light) colored jerseys or coordinate their jersey color with the tournament director. 
  • Teams may register by completing the registration form and sending with full payment or a $250 non-refundable deposit. The entry fee balance is due, and only full payments will be accepted, 30 days prior to the tournament start date. $250 of the full payment, or the $250 deposit, is non-refundable immediately upon receipt. Within thirty days of the tournament start date, the entire entry fee is non-refundable.  Teams canceling their tournament entry within thirty days of the tournament start date are not entitled to any type of refund. No refunds, by cash or check, will be made.


Age Specific Regulations

Columbus Cup Invitational


Peewee will play full ice for three (3) 13 minute periods.

Intermissions will be 30 seconds.

Minor penalties will be 120 seconds.

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